Afternoon HEADLINES 5/15/18

Holy FREDDY!! You gotta take a look at Remi Malik as Freddy Mercury plus what critics are saying about #Deadpool2, Kanye’s new music and the Royal’s indecisive Father-In-Law is at it again. 

All I gotta day is dude. Cmon. Apparently Meghan Markle’s father is now backtracking in his whole “not going to his daughters wedding”. I mean. Man. Cmon. This ain’t about you bro.  

Remi Malik as Freddy Mercury is absolutely SPOT ON! You gotta see for yourself in this teaser for Bohemian Rhapsody due out in November.  

The critics are weighing in on Deadpool 2 and hasn’t bugged me to want to see it any more. I mean I can wait till blu-ray. Seriously.  

Kanye is debuting new music with 5 album track lists.  

This audio recording has the internet DIVIDED. SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS IT SAYING!?! Yanny? Laurel? This shouldn’t be that hard.

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