Geek Tank Radio: Television Must Fall

In the all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon and  Brodee talk about a new innovation for gamers with mobility issues, Allan explains the importance of giant water erruptions on Europa, and Joe travels to another dimension, one not only of sight and sound, but of violent kangaroos with carrot addictions.

Big Shoe Fu - 051818x1

Joe books the Geek Patrol at the school of his personal defense trainer, Pee-Wee Herman.

Gaming for All - 051818x2 

Brodee and Brandon introduce the Geek Patrol to the Microsoft Adaptable Controller

Ol' Europa - 051818x3

Professor Gilbreath tells the team all about the 25 mile plumes of water on one of Jupiter's moons

Twilight Inspirations - 051818x4 

The Geek Patrol talk about the influence and sheer enjoyment of The Twilight Zone

Joe Vs Aussie Marsupials - 051818x5 

Apparently, kangaroos love carrots, and they are willing to fight you for them.

TLL: Fall Breakdown - 051818x6 

Brandon takes TLL into the trenches and emerges with his favorite and least favorite from the new shows being picked up this fall.

The Kings of Whaaa??? - 051818x7

Buckle in for the random!

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