Afternoon HEADLINES 5/30/18

Its a mixed bag today. From stars leaving #TheWalkingDead to #Prince’s getaway estate up for auction to #BTS breaking all sorts of records PLUS the cutest engagement vid you’ll see. Here’s what’s going down. 

Andrew Lincoln announced that he’s DONE with The Walking Dead and won’t return for Season 9. Thing is. He’s not the only one. Can we say that show is over? 

You could buy Prince’s private island getaway in the Turks and Caicos islands. It’s complete with a purple driveway and if your interested in bidding. Just bidding. It’ll cost you $100k! 

 BTS is setting records left and right. Maybe due to that awesome fan base of the #BTSarmy but gotta I’ve em props for hitting no. 10 on the Billboard 100! 

The cutest proposal video! You KNOW you’ve met “the one” when you go to propose and they do the EXACT SAME THING and propose right back. So cute.

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