Geek Tank Radio: We Got Lost...

After being lost for a week, the Geek Patrol is back with an all-new, long overdue season filled with pocket monsters, celebrity opinions, and some much needed hygiene tips for airline passengers. We've also got special appearances by Jeremy Veldman and the illusive intern, Shadow Sam! Plus, stay tuned after this season's Random Roundup for our "missing" Memorial Day season, complete with a one-man SOLO review!

Where Are We Now? - 060118x1

After being "away" for a week, the Geek Patrol is back, though fractured across time...

Lets Go, Shadow Sam! - 060118x2

The newest Pokemon game is coming to Switch, and its breathing new life into Pokemon GO!

Allan Gilbreath, Monster Hunter - 060118x3

Science never turns out the way we expect when your dealing with Prof Gilbreath.

MAS Hysteria - 060118x4

The Geek Patrol learns what's up (Get it?) at the Memphis Astronomical Society with Jeremy Veldman

MARVELous Expectations - 060118x5

Chris Pratt excuses Starlord's behavior as being human, while the Disney/Fox vote draws closer.

Twitter Peaks - 060118x6

David Lynch isn't big on the knee-jerk reveiws that social media provides

Open & Empty - 060118x7

Brandon tries something a little different with the latest Locked & Loaded.

These Randoms STINK! - 060118x8

After Joe's latest airline debacle, you'll reallly appreciate Brodee's Shower Thoughts.

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