Afternoon HEADLINES 6/2/18

TONS of movie news but the news out of the fashion world is mixed from the passing of an icon to changing the way people are judged PLUS Shawn Mendes goes full Harry Potter fanboy on #CarpoolKaraoke

Maybe you carried around one of her handbags or at least own a few but fashion designer Kate Spade passed away at age 55. R.I.P. 

Welcome to the new era Miss America! The pageant will no longer have a swimsuit category and contestants won’t be judged on beauty. “We’re no longer a pageant, we’re a competition” says Gretchen Carlson chairwoman of Miss Americas board of directors. And to that I say. Bout time.  

Here’s a look at the new transformers spinoff, “Bumblebee” 

This has me all sorts of excited and instantly got that darn song stuck back in my head. We got a look at LEGO Movie 2. So yeah. Everything is awesome! 

Speaking of awesome. Shawn Mendes got in the car with James Cordon and you know what that means... yup. Needing out to Harry Potter and bidding on Justin Bieber’s underwear. Oh and some Carpool Karaoke.

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