Geek Tank Radio is On Edge & Freaking Out, Man!

The Geek Patrol gets a little emotional as they discuss Bad Robot getting into Gaming, the current state of a galaxy far, far away, a celebrity good samaritan, tiny statues, and the near-fatal revenge of a dead reptile! There's so much angst in this season, you'll think it was a show on The CW!

Just Can’t See It - 060818x1

The Geek Patrol gets tiny at the Ant-Man Statue unveiling.

Bad Robot, More Console! - 060818x2

JJ Abrams's production company is getting into the gaming business

Allan vs NASA, Round 2 - 060818x3

After years of dodging the questions, NASA starts answering…

All That And Brave, Too? - 060818x4

Doesn't matter if you can't remember his name, a group of muggers will always remember their encounter with Benedict Cumberbatch

It is a Time of Unrest in the Republic - 060818x5

The times seem bleak for the Star Wars Fandom. Can we do anything to close the rift?

I've Been Locked, and I've Been Loaded - 060818x6

There's a lot going on in the geekdom, and Brandon's gonna lay it all out for you

Wait... What? - 060818x7

The World of Random has met its match!

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