Geek Tank Radio: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Ali gets hella hyped over the news from E3, Brandon breaks down Heroes in Crisis, Allan reveals his Killer Cyborg Initiative, and Brodee remembers his childhood through PBS. All that, plus a special visit Joe never expected.

Themyscira Father's Day - 061518x1

Joe literally tries to get the Geek Patrol killed by crashing Paradise Island

E2daMfN3 - 061518x2

Brodee, Ali, and Brandon prepare to get their game on!

Professor Gilbreath's Killer Cyborg Corner - 061518x3

Allan lays out his plan for global domination like every great villain must...

MERGE!!! - 061518x4

With the AT&T/Time Warner merger having been legally approved, Comcast reveals its bid to swoop in and snatch FOX from Disney. What does this mean for the upcoming vote?

Education & Entertaining - 061518x5 

The Geek Patrol takes a look back at the children's programming that shaped their lives.

Humanity of Heroism - 061518x6 

Tom King's next big comic event is set to deal with Superheroes and PTSD.

Seasonal Shift - 061518x7

The Geek Patrol gets a surprise guest who just happens to be vacationing in Memphis...

TLL - 061518x8

Now with more positive headlines! Everybody cheer!

Random Roundup - 061518x9

From an amateur Dr Doolittle, to a real life Rocket, the only thing more random than this roundup is the questions regarding Allan's contribution to the segment!

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