Geek Tank Radio Hasn't Got The Words

In this All-New Season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon trades Charizards for Velociraptors, Brodee comes to terms with his Gaming Disorder, Allan begins the recruitment drive for Space Force, and Joe is encouraged to submit his pitch to write the remake of The Last Jedi!

And I thought HOT YOGA Was Bad - 062218x1

The Geek Patrol get caught up in Allan's newest scheme, "Jurassic Yoga."

From Trainer to Trader: A Story of Hope - 062218x2

As trainers new & old strive to catch 'em all, Pokemon GO institutes friendships & trading! Sadly, we've all been diagnosed with Gaming Disorder...

PGSC: Space Farce - 062218x3

The Geek Patrol try to justify the Space Force. It doesn't go well. Get your application in today!

Kingdoms Will Fall - 062218x4

Brandon & Joe saw the new Jurassic World movie and they can't shut up about it.

Sick of Star Wars Yet? - 062218x5

Amid the rumors of the Star Wars Story concept being shelved, a new force rises to give Mos Eisley's scum a run for their money as they threaten to remake The Last Jedi. 


The Bidding Continues - 062218x6 

Disney has countered Comcast's bid for Fox in an amount that can hardly be justified given Fox's entertainment output...

Tank. Locked. Loaded. - 062218x7

There's some interesting headlines out there. Maybe Brandon chose some of your favorites!

Bears vs Hot Dog Guns - 062218x8

The Random Roundup is just that... Random.


(cue Joe's laughter)

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