Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Not only was she sick but she also had to deal w stage malfunctions! Everything that went WRONG at the Beyonce and JayZ show PLUS these fan theories of what Drake’s son’s name is might blow your mind. Johnny Galecki gives wedding props to his “fake wife” and a split no one saw coming.

 Here’s what’s up.

Being sick and stage malfunctions didn't stop Beyonce from putting on a show in Warsaw! Yeah Queen Bey is a bit under the weather and got stranded in mid-air due a malfunction but she's ok and didn't miss a beat. She's a pro! You expected less? 

These fan theories of Drake's son's name has me ROFL and thinking all at the same time...

Johnny Galecki posted a cute message to "fake wife" Kaley Cuoco after her wedding

On the sad love news, Liam Payne and Cheryl split after more than two years together

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