A Game Show That PAYS OFF Your Student Debt?!

TruTV is launching a new game show that's all about paying off your student loans!

Apparently if you were on ANY other game show and won some money that isn't the first thing you'd do... c'mon. MOST people's first reaction to coming into some money is "some of this is goin to bills" because NO ONE likes those damn things and if you can get rid of them then DO IT! RIGHT?

Anyway, I LOVE this idea of a game show that's all about gettin those student loans off your back. It's called Paid Off with Michael Torpey and it's like Jeopardy meets Family Feud and looks incredibly fun! 

Not only does this game show seem like a blast it's also carrying a serious message behind it. That message being simply "Something's gotta give". The host, Torpey, ends each episode with the mantra to “Call your representatives right now and tell them you need a better solution than this game show.”

You have my attention! And seriously tho, HOW DO YOU SIGN UP TO BE ON THISSS!!!!!

Here's more info on the show

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