Geek Tank Radio Vs The Apocalypse

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Kirk Herring is back in the Tank to discuss Luke Cage, Brandon delves into the augmented reality of The Walking Dead: Our World, Allan investigates the Ghost Dunes of Mars, Joe decides he can dance if he wants to, and Brodee wants the giant sarcophagus opened NOW!

The Smell Here is Rancor! - 071318x1

In order to keep the Geek Patrol safe this Friday the 13th, Joe books them in Jabba's bathroom.

Augmented Reality Check - 071318x2

Pokemon GO celebrates its second anniversary as The Walking Dead wades into Our World!

Professor Gilbreath's Ghost (Dunes) of Mars! - 071318x3

Allan take way longer than necessary to explain this weeks subject to Joe, but its well worth the time!

We Need To Talk About Luke - 071318x4

Kirk Herring is back in the Tank as the Geek Patrol takes on Netflix's LUKE CAGE!

Joe Can Dance If He Wants To - 071318x5

In a salute to their own past, The Geek Patrol revisit the Dancing Plague of 1518 on its 500th anniversary.

The End is Nigh and Whatnot - 071318x6

Everyone wants to know what's in the giant black sarcophagus, but nobody wants to open it...

TankLockedLoaded - 071318x7

From Robocop to teenage Raiden, the clip is full of hollow points.

Random Roundup - 071318x8

We don't have any idea what we're doing, but you can bet its Random!

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