Geek Tank Radio Digs a Little Deeper

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brodee breaks out his web-shooters, Allan moons Jupiter, Joe searches for Netflix Gems, Brandon has an exhausting Locked&Loaded, and Jessie brings in a story too cringe-worthy to discuss here!

Not Quite There Yet -072018x1

Joe jumps the gun and starts the latest season in mid-dig to their location.

Here Comes The Brodee-Man!!! -072018x2

Brodee is feeling the Spidey-Hype!

Jupiter Got Mooned -072018x3

Allan gets the Geek Patrol up to date on Jupiter's twelve new moons.

Wish You Were Here -072018x4

The Geek Patrol lay out there hopes for this year's SDCC.

Our Netflix Hidden Gem Segment Thingy -072018x5

The Geek Patrol begins a new segment, and they need your help naming it!

Full Loaded -072018x6

Brandon needs to break out a rail gun for all these bullet points!

As Random as Chibi Emotions -072018x7

Jerky madness, Making space for Art, a Jurassic Goldblum and a not-so-tasty Egyptian beverage? All that and Joe revisits the random Soccer Roo!

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