Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

#SanDiegoComicCon gave us some looks at what to expect on the big and small screens plus Kim K rushes Kanye to the hospital, a GA Lawmaker is in trouble thanks to #WhoIsAmerica and an unlikely David Bowie find in a bread basket. 

Here’s what’s up...

A TON of trailers dropped thanks to San Diego Comic Con that went down this past weekend. If you haven't seen them all yet, NO WORRIES! Here's the link to ALL of them! 


It was revealed that Kanye has the flu right now... Sucks but not really the newsworthy moment. It became newsworthy when Kim K rushed him to the hospital. The reason that she gave was because he wasn't getting better and he got SUPER weak so off she took him to the docs. They're home now, probably after some fluids and some good meds. Get well soon Kanye! 

A Georgia lawmaker is in some HOT water thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen and his new show Who Is America. He got the dude to drop trow and throw some racist expletives. The WHOLE video is FULL of cringe. Yeah... Not cool. 

You never know what you'll find when cleaning out an attic or a bread basket... No seriously. An ex bandmate of David Bowie found what's seemingly the FIRST recording of David Bowie EVER in a bread basket! Nearly 55 years old! NICE FIND! 

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