What Your Drink Says About You. So Says Bartenders

We ALL have our "go-to" drink because it's good right? Because it's familiar and it makes us feel good! RIGHT? Well here's what that drink is telling everyone else, namely bartenders... Yeah. You might be rethinking your order. 

Long Island Iced Tea

“Long Island Iced Teas rarely get tips and are almost always asked to ‘make it strong’. It’s nearly an entire cup of liquor how tf am I supposed to make it stronger.”

Jack and Coke

“You’ll be fighting someone in a few hours.”


“Guy walks in and puts his sunglasses on the back of his head. ‘Here’s your Bud Light, sir.'”


“Jägerbombs are ordered by students who just want to get f***** up asap.”

Piña Colada

“Piña Colada – you care more about flavor than image. Also, want to be in the Caribbean.”

Pricey Cocktails

“They want an expensive cocktail and when you tell them the price they start arguing with you that it is way too expensive and that they can make it at home for half the price…”


“From my experience, if you order a Bud Light/Miller Light/Budweiser with a shot of bourbon or whiskey, you probably work a manual labor intensive job. Most older women want vodka with water/tonic/soda. Younger women tend to order vodka with cranberry or sweeter mixed drinks. Younger men tend to order IPA’s or Craft Beers. I can always tell who just turned 21 due to all the complex sweet shots with fancy names being ordered. Old ladies that want to party usually start with Margaritas. I bartend on the weekends at a shot-and-beer spot, so I don’t get a lot of variety.”


“Cosmo – This person is almost certainly a pain in the a**.”

Vodka Red Bull

“Vodka Red Bull, usually a bit of a t*** and on some kind of drug. On the bright side, they tip well because they’re too off their t*** to care about getting change.”

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