Geek Tank Radio: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Things go from weird to downright nutty in this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio. First, Brodee nearly drowns in the Ancient Pesto of Evil before being bombarded by the Scarlett Cloud, Allan plans to buy all the Lake Front property on Mars, Joe demands too much of Jeremy Veldman, and Brandon fruitlessly mines for gems from SDCC.

Sarcophagardening - 072718x1

In an effort to keep the team safe, Joe books them in Allan's tomato garden. What could possibly go wrong?

Stream Weaver - 072718x2

The next Xbox might be a streaming only console, relying exclusively on Microsoft's new cloud system, codenamed: Scarlett. What could possibly go wrong?

Professor Gilbreath's Martian Lakefront Realtors - 072718x3

Allan's entirely too excited to talk about the liquid water found on Mars. What could possibly go wrong?

MAS Hysteria: Veldman's Guide to Modern Science - 072718x4

Its time for the Geek Patrol's preview to the August meeting of the Memphis Astronomical Society, featuring talks from Whitney Smith and Honorary GP member Jeremy Veldman! Joe demands more Blueberry Muffins. What could possibly go wrong?

It Was Bound to Happen Eventually - 072718x5

Brandon feels that the majority of SDCC was a letdown. Has Comic Con International outlived its usefullness? In fact, it was so bad, the Geek Patrol will talk about anything to keep this episode alive. What could possibly yadda yadda?

Joe's Titan Talk - 072718x6

The Geek Patrol unleash Joe to talk about a band of warriors fighting giant naked, sometimes skinless humanoid Titans. What could possibly go wrong?

GTR NetFix - 072718x7

The Geek Patrol are back with their new segment that borders on gimmick infringement  of The CineMasoCast. What could possibly go wrong?

TLL: It's better than you expect! - 072718x8

Brandon's got us back down to a more manageable list this season. What could possibly go wrong?

Random to a Fault? - 072718x9

Joe invites Jeremy Veldman to sit in on the latest Random Round Up. What could possibly go wrong?

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