How Much Time Are You REALLY Spending On FB & IG?

Facebook and Instagram just rolled out the "time well spent" feature. Yeah. BOTH apps because (Spoiler alert?) Facebook owns both of them! 

This new feature tells you how much time you're actually spending on the app and it's pretty eye opening. 

Now they're not going to put it on your news feeds (unless you put it there) and to find out your "time misspent" or excuse me, "time well spent", as they're calling it, You're going to have to do SOME digging. Here's how to do it for each...


Open up your Settings, and scroll down to the new option "Your Activity." 

Click on it, and it'll take you to a dashboard that shows you how much time you're spending on the app each day  as well as a weekly average.

Now here's the cool feature with this, you can set a "Daily Reminder" that notifies you when you've been on the app for a certain time period in a day. And you can temporarily mute notifications from the app for up to eight hours! 

Hello uninterrupted sleepy time!


Under the menu tab (the one on the far-right of the homescreen that's represented by three horizontal lines), scroll down and click on "Settings & Privacy." Then click on "Your Time on Facebook," and you'll be taken to a dashboard on Facebook that has all the same features as those of Instagram.

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