It Is The Year 2005... | GTR Blogs

“It is the year 2005.….”

With that opening narration, my childhood changed forever. Hell, it may have ended right there. Over the next hour and a half, I would sit in a theater, distracted from my popcorn and soda, and watch my heroes DIE. It felt so traumatic as I watched cartoon robots, who I loved, fall at the hands of their enemies. The battle that ensued was gorgeous in both visuals and audio. This was in August of 1986. I was eight years old.

It is now August of 2018, and I am preparing to return to a theater in eight weeks to see a color corrected, audio-enhanced, high definition re-release of THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE. That’s right. Thanks to Fathom Events, I get to revisit my greatest/worst movie experience of my youth. And I couldn’t be friggin’ giddier. This is a movie which I’ve owned various copies, in multiple formats. I’ve driven through Memphis, TN, rocking out to the soundtrack in all it’s crazy 80’s glory. 

Thursday, September 27th, I will be back in the chair. Distracted from my popcorn and soda. My heroes will fall, replaced with a team that I appreciate so much more today than I did back then. Won’t you join me?

SPOILER ALERT: I still cry when Optimus dies…

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