Geek Tank Radio Gets Very Synthetive

In an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon is floored by Fortnite fortunes, Allan attempts to brainwash the Geek Patrol via VR, Brodee looks for the truth behind the latest Netflix Original, EXTINCTION, and Joe finds his Canadian counterpart in an Ottawa delivery driver! 

Sure is Dark In Here... - 080318x1

Joe books the Geek Patrol in another tunnel, this time near the Sarlacc Pit

What the Fortnite??? - 080318x2

GTA 5 is hitting a milestone and Fortnite Coaches are a thing?

Professor Gilbreath's Virtual Corner - 080318x3

Allan touches the Geek Patrol on their memory places

Is Michael Pena Going Extinct? - 080318x4

Netflix goes full sci-fi with their latest original, Extinction.

Get Your NetFIX - 080318x5

The Geek Patrol mines those bingeable gems so you don't have to...

Gettin' Locked & Loaded - 080318x6

Brandon hits you hard & fast with the season's bulletpoints!

Random Splashdown - 080318x7

Cinelimericks, Nothing is Normal, Texarkan'ta, and Canada has jerks?

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