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The word has been out for awhile that The CW was adding a Bat to the mix. Batwoman was confirmed to make her Arrowverse debut during the annual DC CW Crossover featuring The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. (No word yet if Black Lightning is making the leap through the wormhole this year, but *fingers crossed*). Now we know who will be bringing Kate Kane to life: Ruby Rose.

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The Australian-born model/actress/DJ/all-around BAMF will don the cowl and defend Gotham City from the dregs, criminals, and miscreants not only in the aforementioned crossover, but also in a possible Batwoman series being developed by Greg Berlanti. 

The Internet, of course, has been the ever-supportive community as always. I've read rants about her tattoos, her body type, her acting ability. Hell, there's even been a few railings over the use of the name "BatWOMAN" instead of "BatGIRL," evidently due to people being more against social justice than knowing the source material they claimed is so important. I want to help clear that all up...


Kate Kane, BATWOMAN, made her modern debut in 52, a DC Comics year long weekly series that began in 2006. She is child of wealth, much like Bruce Wayne. She was forced out of West Point for refusing to disavow an allegation about her sexuality. Did I forget to mention that she is an out and open lesbian? Sorry. I figured you'd already know based on the headline of almost every other casting article. In fact, DC (almost) never shies away from that fact. She dated GCPD Detective RENEE MONTOYA, recognizable to any fans of Batman The Animated Series. During an attempted mugging, she has her first encounter with BATMAN and is inspired to follow his example as a crimefighter. She doesn't seek his approval, though she does earn his respect over time. Her methods are more militaristic and hardcore than much of the Batfamily, save for maybe the RED HOOD. Kate was never BATGIRL, so no, her moniker isn't some crazy agenda to eradicate the word "girl." I could go on, but there's so many great stories involving the character that I don't want to spoil. There are some bad ones, too, and if I have to suffer through them, so do you! 

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My first exposure to Ruby Rose was as Stella on NETFLIX Original ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I'm not as familiar with her modeling or DJ work, so I apologize. I wish I could give you more info, but this is the internet. Google it. She's one of the few bright spots in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She's downright scary as Ares in John Wick: Chapter 2. She considers herself gender neutral. She's a huge comics fan and growing up idolized the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, specifically mentioning Leonardo as her best imaginary friend. She strives to be a role model for the underdog. For that alone, I'm on board with her as the newest member of the Arrowverse.

In closing, I want to address the haters out there. You want to question her acting ability? You think she's too skinny? Aren't these the two major arguments you guys had against Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman? As far as her tattoos go, nobody out there is saying [EXPLETIVE DELETED] all about Black Adam having all of the Rock's tats, especially in an industry known for being able to AIRBRUSH OVER THEM! Seriously, guys. Let's see what Ruby Rose can do with the role. You might be pleasantly surprised...

UPDATE: Ruby Rose has taken to Instagram to share her thoughts.

The conversation as always will continue on the next season of Geek Tank Radio, and we'd love to hear your feedback on the casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman!

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