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So with the announcement this past weekend about Negan being a guest character in the fighting game franchise Tekken, (No it wasn't a typo.) I started to dig for information regarding the list of guests in our beloved games. Even though Negan will join the ranks of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, and Akuma from Street Fighter, there's a lot more where that came from as Namco Bandai wasn't the only company that left us with head scratching and facepalming gamers everywhere. Remember that there's no particular order here, but I'm going to attempt to keep it to 1 guest per franchise that character was in. Seems good enough? Let's go!!

#1) "Hornet the Car" From Daytona USA In Fighters MegaMix 

As a fan of the arcade racer, I grew up later appreciating SEGA and all that they have done in the 90's as they brought us Virtua Fighter. However the developers at SEGA AM2 was trying to milk the cash cow as a competitor to Street Fighter, only to give us Fighters Megamix. The roster had 34 characters but the one that stood out to me by far had to be was the bipedal car. Number 41 stood on its back wheels only to box with the front, which makes it a funny sight. The only downside is that Hornet takes one of the mechanics from the cast from Fighting Vipers who has their entire cast in the game as well. When it takes a certain percentage of damage, the shell of the car flies off leaving you wide open for more damage. However, when the shell comes off, his moveset completely changes into another character, Bahn.

#2)"Fat Box" Mega Man In Street Fighter X Tekken

The roster was ok for what it was, but when you announce that Mega Man was FINALLY going to be in a fighting game we were hype. Then when Capcom showed Mega Man for the first time, players were facepalming so hard they reached the back of their skulls. At the time SFXT was released, Mega Man was completely shafted from the fighting game scene as he wasn't playable at all during the lifespan of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and then they tease us with this? This might be the ONLY guest character on this list, that made people turn away from the game based on looks alone. (Then again the gem system made it DOA the moment it hit the competitive scene.) Just apply your Google-fu to see what I'm talking about.

#3) Sakura From Street Fighter in Rival Schools: United by Fate

Now Rival Schools sounds exactly what it sounds like, clicks and clubs from different schools beating the crap out of each other, and there's no other perfect character than the residential school girl herself, Sakura Kasugano. Coming off the heels of her appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2, it was a prime fit for her. The only issue that was wrong with her guest appearance was that even though she doesn't have a proper story within the Rival Schools, during the ending of arcade mode it gave a bit of her Street Fighter Story as it was shown that she went to Tamagawa-Minami High School with her friends Hinata and Natsu. This information was never given in the Street Fighter lore, so this was cool for them to give the die hard Capcom fans who eat up all the lore.

#4) Al Dillon From Predator In Mortal Kombat X 

In 2015 Mortal Kombat was released to the masses and they came out in droves to purchase it as the Mature rated game just ozzed with machismo and blood. And how can we up the ante with a fighting game? Downloadable content that's how! On March 13th the first Kombat Pack was released and with that came Tremor, (MK: Special Forces) Tanya, (MK4) and iconic movie character, Predator. Still with me? Good. With that DLC pack, it also gave us skins for Johnny Cage making him look like a commando, Scorpion looks like he's currently being scanned via Predator-vision and Jax who would become Colonel Al Dillon as Netherrealm Studios brought in Carl Weathers to completely redo Jax's pre-fight lines!! Even though this is a completely loose definition of the term "Guest Character" I'll give it the nod as it was one that no one was expecting upon release!

#5) Rash From Battletoads In Killer Instinct (2013)

If you have enjoyed this list, and can recall most of them, then you might be able to recall being stuck in the turbo tunnel playing the NES classic. When he was announced the trailer had everything from the wrecking ball, to the speeder bike, and the horns for his dash attack and surely didn't disappoint. He was one of the hardest to play against due to his mobility and the most common thing I would ever hear was the cadence of the sounds that he would make for his Ultra Combo, which is a call back to the pause music from the original Battletoads game. As I am a huge Killer Instinct fan this has got to be my favorite on the list.

Honorable Mention: The entire Tekken half of Street Fighter X Tekken cast.

When Will Blanton isn't being forced to watch old tv episodes for The CineMasoCast, he can be found streaming video games on his TWITCH Channel, playing MAGIC The Gathering, or ranting on Twitter.

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