Geek Tank Radio Goes Gilbreathless

In the latest season of Geek Tank Radio, Allan goes missing, Brandon gives a primer on Batwoman and Ruby Rose, Brodee wants the Star Wars TV budget, and Joe questions the Academy’s latest category. All this and GOATS!!!

Go Smurf Yourself - 081018x1

Joe books the Geek Patrol at a Smurf Village Convention, where Allan promptly goes missing before they can record Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner!

Red Dead…. LUIGI?!? - 081018X2

The team is floored by the new Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer, Brodee prepares himself for the new God of War patch and Brandon says goodbye to a Mario Brother.

A Stream Far Far Away - 081018x3

The Geek Patrol breaks down the latest news on the Star Wars Television series.

Not Your Father’s Bat - 081018x4

The Geek Patrol welcomes Ruby Rose to the Arrowverse as Batwoman!

WTF, Oscars? - 081018x5

In an effort to remain relevant and more importantly, profitable, ABC has urged some changes at the Oscars. The Geek Patrol, and many others, are not impressed.

Tank.Locked.Loaded - 081018x6

Brandon brings the headlines, The Geek Patrol brings the snark!

Random GOATS! - 081018x7

While Brodee works to recovery from the Chernobyl Diaries, Brandon & Joe bring stories of the awesomeness of goats.

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