Zelda Get A Metal Tribute

The Legend of Zelda: Orcana of Time soundtrack is, to say the least, iconic. Not to mention, a GIANT EAR WORM! A few bars of the classic line will have you humming it for days.

This leads to a few things like a maddening need to dig out the ole cartridge and give it yet another go and/or pound out the tune on whatever instrument you might have near by. We get it! It's a regular in my household at least. 

That's why I LOVE FAN TRIBUTES (well some of them. The good ones) This metal tribute to The Legend of Zelda is that perfect mix of classic and melt your face AND it's an entire album! 

Grab some headbanging-ready headphones and strap in for Temple of Time album by Ro Panuganti  

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