Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

The #VMAs weren’t without its share of cringe last night and today we’re picking up the pieces plus#TheHills reboot is a go and so is Season 3 of#GLOW and are GEasy and Halsey back together?

Here’s what’s up...

The VMAs went down last night and tbh, it was full of cringe. From Madona's "tribute" to Aretha Franklin to Tiffany Haddish butchering Camilla Cabello's name, to all the shade being thrown, to the awkward Post Malone/ Areosmith song to wrap it up. Yeah... Thank God Ariana Grande and JLo were there to add some greatness to the bunch. 

Speaking of the VMAs though, we got our first look at The Hills Reboot!

Last thing about the VMAs... and it was the last thing to do at the VMAs comes from the afterparty. Where G-Easy and Halsey were spotted leaving holding hands and getting in the car together... Back together maybe????

And this makes me all sorts of excited.... GLOW has been renewed for a third season

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