Geek Tank Radio Apologizes In Advance

In an all-new Geek Tank Radio, Brandon gets a much needed break, so Allan uses his villainous ways to run wild with SCIENCE!, Locked & Loaded, and the strongest Random to date! He also allows Brodee and Joe to chime in on Disenchantment, Matt Groening's new series on Netflix. As always, this is a KISS Original, meaning you'll only find it here, at, or searchable on the iHeart Music app!

Coming Next: Mad Titan's Tavern - 082418x1

Joe books the Geek Patrol at Thanos's Intergalactic Steakhouse, where everything is half off, and we do mean EVERYTHING!

Professor Gilbreath's Water World - 082418x2

NASA found water on the Moon, but what does this mean for Space Force?

Netflix gets Disenchanted - 082418x3

The Geek Patrol brings you all the awesomeness of Matt Groening's foray into the fantasy realm with Disenchantment.

Believe it or Not, Ripley's Turns 100! - 082418x4

Allan tells the story of Ripley's as a firsthand witness to the institution's conception.

Not So Locked... Quite Possibly Loaded - 082418x5

Allan takes over for Brandon as he brings you the headlines that matter to him

Random Roundup - 082418x6

Floating heads, Graphine 3D printing and Joe's Salute to Law Enforcement

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