Geek Tank Radio Labors On...

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon returns and breaks his promise, Brodee is super psyched about the new Spider-man DLC, Allan helps diagnose the problem with Jupiter, and Joe geeks out about Making It! All this and a visit from Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society!

The Secret Word is “Deja Vu” - 083118x1

The Geek Patrol are fairly certain they’ve been here before…

Professor Gilbreath’s Planetary Binging - 083118x2

Allan teaches the Geek Patrol all about how Jupiter got so big

Spi-Der-Man, D-L-C - 083118x3

Brodee prepares himself for “The City That Never Sleeps” while Brandon sets his sights on Samsung’s QLED “Wall.”

MAS Hysteria - 083118x4

Jeremy Veldman is back to discuss the awesome meeting and trip that the Memphis Astronomical Society has in store!

RIP Happytime Gang - 083118x5

Brandon & Allan review future Oscar darling, The Happytime Murders

Nick Offerman is My Spirit Animal - 083118x6

The Geek Patrol get to completely fanboy over reality crafting competition MAKING IT!

Broken Promises - 083118x7

Brandon breaks a promise he made earlier this year, and discusses the insane fun of Star Wars Fan Theories.

You Binge It, You Buy It - 083118x8

The Geek Patrol play Binge Dealers again as they discuss what they watched online this week

Tank Locked Loaded - 083118x9

You know the drill. Headlines and video teases. What more could you ask for?

Lllet’s Get Ready To Raaanndommm! - 083118x10

Fish Heads, Oreo Abominations, and Assault with a Deadly Gator? None of that beats Baby Truck….


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