Geek Tank Radio Gets Beeped

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brodee & Tweek get a tingle in their spider-sense, Allan traverses a quantum gate, Joe pays tribute to the greatest Droid of all time, and Brandon kicks off the countdown to MCFC!

Rush Delivery - 090718x1

The packages are zooming by as the Geek Patrol tries to prepare for the latest season!

Professor Gilbreath’s Science Gate - 090718x2

Allan tries to explain a quantum gate to Joe without infringing on the Stargate license.

Friendly Neighborhood PS4 - 090718x3

Brodee and Tweek get a tingle in their Spider-Sense during their first four hours of the Spider-man game.

Hello, Carol - 090718x4

The Geek Patrol takes a peek at what’s coming in Captain Marvel.


The Geek Patrol pays tribute to R2-D2.

The Countdown Starts NOW! - 090718x6

The Geek Patrol kicks off the road to MCFC!

Mining the Binge Caves - 090718x7

The Geek Patrol are back with their latest batch of streaming treasures

Tank|Locked|Loaded - 090718x8

Brandon has the headlines, but do you have the snark?

Flatulence and Spiders and Bears, OH MY! - 090718x9

It’s the end of a season, so you know it’s time to get random!

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