Geek Tank Radio Got Lost On the Way

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Allan is spying on you with a new type of “bug,” Brodee and Brandon get a little Apple Crazy, and Joe learns all about the DCEU casting dustups. 

Missed Again - 091418x1

Joe puts the Geek Patrol out of harm’s way at the Stormtrooper Academy Shooting Range.

Prof Gilbreath’s Robobugs - 091418x2

Allan introduces the Geek Patrol to the latest in drone technology

iEverything - 091418x3

Apple has unveiled their new iPhones & latest Apple watch, but something’s missing

Who’s Superman? - 091418x4

There’s some confusing rumors flying around about the Man of Steel, and it’s leading to even more confusion in the DCEU…

Where’d Episode 5 go? - 091418x6

Digital Deletion is a thing. Backup all of your downloads!

You Got Anymore of That Netfix? - 091418x7

The Geek Patrol tell you what they’ve been watching online this week

Way to Get Random on Me - 091418x8

I don’t even know where to begin…

BTT: Bro, Do You Even Spider-Man?

Deadspin does not understand Spider-man, heroes, or humanity. That doesn’t sit well with Brandon…

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