GEEK TANK RADIO? Yeah, They Might Be Skrulls...

On this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon gets fully loaded, Joe has a special Attack on Titan moment to share, Allan lets us in on robotic skins and Brodee screams to the Heavens “WHY???” when it comes to the latest gaming news

Joe QI'yaH leng Duy - 092118x1

Joe fails with his booking once more as the Geek Patrol ends up at a Klingon baby food factory.

Prof Gilbreath’s New Skin Smell - 092118x2

Allan introduces the team to the possibilities of robotic skin.

Red Dead Reaction - 092118x3

Brodee and Brandon lament the announcement of Red Dead Online

Punching Grandma! - 092118x4

The Geek Patrol weigh in on the new Captain Marvel Trailer!

Series, not Service - 092118x5

Brandon spends an entire episode correcting Joe as they discuss the new Marvel streaming SERIES coming to the Disney Online SERVICE.

Attack on Thordarson - 092118x6

Joe and Allan chime in on the latest episode of Attack on Titan, while Brodee flees the room.

Return of TLL - 092118x7

Brandon makes up for last week by getting fully loaded

There’s Something Random Out There - 092118x8

Ancient Speakeasy, Green Lobster, Lion Love Bites, and Planet Fitness’s Not-So-No Judgement Zone…

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