Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

#JWoww files for divorce, #Gaga’s rumored engagement ring has a low balled price tag,#ArianaGrande SAID she needed a break and that’s too evident from her breakdown on Twitter. Shawn Mendes talks his new friendship w/ #JT and what is a #JeopardyProposal?

Here’s what’s up

JWoww has filed for divorce and Roger Matthews, her now ex, confirms the divorce news in a video message. BUT he went on to say that they're in counseling and he'll "win her affection back." Best of luck if reconciliation is in the cards!

Lady Gaga's got a lot going on right now. With her new movie due out next week and a heavy hand... Yeah, she won't confirm OR deny that she is or is not engaged BUT that giant rock on her hand... looks VERY much like an engagement ring, is said to be worth a cool $1M!


Maybe it's time we listened. Ariana Grande broke down on Twitter saying "Please just give me one day" She needs a break y'all... she said it. It's time to listen. She needs it 

Shawn Mendes and Jimmy Fallon had a fight on who's a bigger BFF to Justin Timberlake. He also performed Lost In Japan and it's WORTH the watch!

What IS a marriage proposal? Well this Jeopardy contestable found the answer thanks to his new fiance! Seriously! Check out the Jeopardy proposal!

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