Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Congrats are in order to Kate Hudson as she welcomes her baby into the world, Kaley Cuoco has a job post ‘Big Bang’ lined up, a totally 90’s “beef” between 2 stars, and new #MariahCarey music!

Congrats to Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa as they welcome their baby girl, Rani Rose, into the world!

Kaley Cuoco isn't wasting any time after the Big Band Theory is over. She's stepping into the role of Harley Quinn, aka Joker's litteral better half, in DC's new adult-animated show for their new app... I'm already a fan.

There's a total 90's beef going on between Macaulay Culkin and Devon Sawa. Yeah! 'memba them? They're not really "beefing" more like trolling each other and we just get the benefit of sitting back and watching their shenanigans. 

Mariah Carey has new music out, called "With You"! Take a listen!

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