Could You Even DEAL With Tonight's Big Jackpot?

With jackpot winnings totaling over $2 BILLION you've GOT to play... right? 

Well the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot is roughly 1 in 292 million, compared to about 1 in 303 million for Mega Millions. when you look at it like that math and science says you're PROBABLY not going to win and gambling experts say that the odds of you winning that $1.6+ Billion is REALLY low because you're more-than-likely going to be splitting your winnings with a FEW other people. 

Soooo... why play? Well I think back to a joke my grandpa use to tell me. 

This lady sees that the lottery jackpot is WAY high (sounds about right) and goes to the church and prays. "God PLEASE let me win the lottery." 

This goes on for days. She begs and starts making promises in her prayers "God, if I win I'll give half to the church and the REAL reason I want to win is so I can get out of debt and help my family. I want this for the right reasons God, PLEASE!"

Well the day of the drawing comes and she doesn't win. Saddened, the lady returns to the church and says "God, you KNOW I needed that money for my family and so I could get back on my feet. I promised you I'd give half to the church! Why God? Why?!?" 

Suddenly a beam of light appears over the lady and a big, booming voice says "YOU HAVE TO BUY A TICKET"

needless to say that joke stuck with me. You can beg to win but ya gotta go at least half way. Just buy a ticket! It only takes one. 

And to that I say, Good Luck! (But seriously, I have the winning ticket... I hope)

Now WHEN you win... What the heck would you do with THAT much money?

Most people prioritize their winnings like this...

1) Pay off bills

2) Buy a house/car

3) set my kids/family up

4) go on vacation

And while 1 and 3 sound great it's 2 and 4 that end up getting people in trouble.

But winning BIG has happened before, Where are they now? Well take a look. 

All that being said. I hope you (ok. I) win. It'd be nice right?

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