Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

CONGRATS to #QuentinTarantino and his new WIFE! Plus Hugh Jackman is taking the show on the road and a #GoT reunion is happening. Here’s what’s up.

Let's start it off with the CONGRATS news! Quentin Tarantino has married Israeli singer and model Daniella Pick! The ceremony was small and VERY private BUT that doesn't mean we all can't say congrats you two!

Hugh Jackman announced the show is going on the road! Well, The Greatest Showman that is. He’ll be singing songs from the record-breaking “Showman” soundtrack as well as from “Les Misérables” on a world tour next year. Prepare yourself.

Personally I think it's too soon BUT a Game of Thrones reunion special officially confirmed by HBO. So there's that. 

Here are the details

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