BCB: Who Needs a Leader Anyways?

P. Shark and Tev Shakir discuss...

  • -Memphis Tigers basketball bounce back
  • -Jaren Jackson Jr.'s progress
  • -Grizz add another "Grinder" in Joakim Noah
  • -"Baby Tigers"blow lead vs #20 Texas Tech
  • -Another day, another defeat vs UCF
  • -Downfall of Kareem Hunt
  • -Packers going under new leadership
  • -Update on Panthers / Titans
  • -College FB championship weekend
  • -Heisman finalists
  • -Urban Meyer retires...or does he?
  • -Kelly Bryant's transfer
  • -Chicago Bulls fire Head Coach Hoiberg. Was it fair?
  • -Fultz's new diagnosis on shoulder
  • -Seattle gets NHL team
  • -LA Sparks sign Derek Fisher


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