Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

#RIP Penny Marshall, the Laverne and Shirley star passed away at 75, “The Carlton” case might be over before it begins plus #CardiB performs for some seniors and MGK gives an update on his friend Pete Davidson. Here’s what’s up.

Sad new today as Penny Marshall, from Laverne and Shirley, has passed away at age 75. Some reports saying from complications from diabetes. 

Penny Marshall Dead at 75 - Thumbnail Image

Penny Marshall Dead at 75

Alfonso Ribeiro's "Fornite stole my dance move" lawsuite case MIGHT be done before it begins because he just confessed that HE stole CARLTON DANCE... 

Cardi was on Carpool Karaoke and we found out a lot. Like she has 5 cars but can't drive (no like legit) and she get nervous at private parties... unless it's at a senior citizens home. 

Macheine Gun Kelly is worried about his boy Pete Davidson especially since SNL has released him to go get help after his recent IG post. MGK gave an update saying. 

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