Geek Tank Radio is Controlling the Narrative

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe revisits an old sponsor with unexpected results, Allan probes the backside of the moon, Brandon attempts to navigate Black Mirror: Bandersnatch while completing the Bird Box Challenge, and Brodee gets back on board The Orville! Plus, special appearances by Andy Lockley and The CineMasoCast!

The Ear Buddy Returns - 100419x1

After losing his booking budget, Joe goes in search of funding from an old friend…

Prof Gilbreath’s Backside… of the Moon - 100419x2

Allan updates the Geek Patrol on the latest Chinese space probe and it’s stylish landing.

Choose Your Own Bingeventure - 100419x3

Part game, part movie, all Netflix. The Geek Patrol is ready to talk about Bandersnatch!

Netflix vs Darwin - 100419x4

Sandra Bullock makes it look easy, but the last thing Netflix wants is you taking the Bird Box Challenge!

Back on Trek-ish - 100419x5

The Orville is back and it’s off to an amazing release!

CONspiracy Nation: Blue York - 100419x6

Over the holidays, there was a strange occurrence in New York, and the Geek Patrol have a few theories.

New Years Binge - 100419x7

During their time off, the Geek Patrol took special care to not become one with their couches, no thanks to these streaming gems!

Nothing is Random - 100119x8

There’s definitely a pattern to this season’s randomness, but the only prize for guessing is self-loathing.

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