Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

The #WorldPremiere of #ArianaGrande #7Rings has people talking and some people calling foul plus (how did I miss this!?!) Happy Birthday msgs to #BettyWhite and why people are freaking over Taylor Swift rn. Oh and sorry but #JessicaSimpson won the #10yearchallenge. Here’s what’s up.

Have you heard the newness from Ariana Grande? 7 Rings dropped today and has people making the same jokes about not really having money but acting like it BUT ALSO the new song has already got the controversy. Princess Nokia claiming that Ari might be guilty of ripping her off. I'll let you be the judge tho.  

Now on to the HOW DID I MISS THIS!? Happy Belated Birthday Betty White! Turning 97 and getting alot of love from her celeb friends including Ryan Reynolds who gave love to his "ex" lol

Swifties everywhere are freaking out a little because Taylor Swift has been seen leaving a recording studio lately and if you were to infer what that means... yeah... New music time soon! 

Here's what we know

And if you HAVEN'T done the 10 year challenge yet sorry but Jessica Simpson just won with her feet. No literally. 

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