Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

The Recording Academy is setting the record straight about the leaked Grammy winners plus Ariana Grande ’s unfortunate tattoo snafu and Nick Cannon comes to his friend, Wendy Williams, rescue. Here’s what’s up.

The recording academy is trying to do a bit of a clean up job after the Grammy winners list was allegedly leaked. The academy says that this "leaked list" is a fake and that they're looking into how this happened. There's a lot to unpack there. 1) If it's fake, why worry. 2) if it's REAL these aren't the winners anymore to save face that their list was leaked already.

Ariana Grande's got some new ink that she thought read “7 Rings.” And when separated, the two Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing system do say “7” (七) and “hoop,” “wheel,” or “ring” (輪). Unfortunately, that's NOT what they mean when they're combined. Her new palm tat says “small charcoal grill.” This is why you check, double check, and maybe give it a triple check before getting a language you're not 100% with anywhere on your body

Good guy Nick Cannon to the rescue! Wendy Williams has had to take a break from her show due to her struggles with Graves' disease. The show' sent out a message today saying that "Friend to the show and host of Fox's The Masked Singer and MTV's Wild n' Out, @nickcannon will be guest hosting The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, February 4th, Tuesday, February 5th & Wednesday, February 6th," the post read. "The new hour long episodes will include Wendy's staple Hot Topics segment, 'Ask Wendy,' celebrity interviews and more!"

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