Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Beyoncé is offering you LIFETIME SUPPLY of concert tix IF you can do this 1 thing, Cardi B and Offset might not be THAT done Justin Timberlake celebrates his bday w a very relatable Jessica Biel and great news for Fuller House fans... sort of

Beyonce took to Insta for a bit of a challenge/ contest. She posted her Greenprint and then said click the link to win beyonce and Jay Z tickets for life. The catch is YOU have to go vegan... and that's it. Someone, who has gone vegan could get tickets for life... y'all. idk. Like I'd WANT to buuuttt... yeah.

Cardi B and Offset might not be THAT done. While she hasn't totally gotten over the whole groupie thing yet an insider said " A divorce isn't on Cardi's mind anymore, She has been focusing more on how they are going to work this out. The negativity of their relationship has blown over and she's staying positive that it will work."

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Can we just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JT! Justin and Jessica headed out last night to celebrate and Jessica totally had a relatable parenting moment. YOu know... "I've got like 10-20 min, I'm gonna grab a quick nap". Good think birthday boy JT was there to IG it. lol.

GREAT NEWS Fuller House fans! Well sort of... Netflix HAS renewed for a 5th season... but this is def it's LAST! Get ready for the roller coaster ride that will be that FINAL episode y'all...

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