Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Add this to the “did we REALLY need a sequel to this” list. The latest in the deuces plus Pete Davidson's cover-up ink speaks volumes and where you WONT see Cardi B anymore. Here's what's up.

Well, Like it or not we're getting a "Coming to America" sequel. The saving graces to this are:

1) Memphian, Craig Brewer is directing. So there's hope.

Pete Davidson's doing a bit of the coverups unlike Ariana Grande who still has her ink she got while with Pete. Pete getting the word "cursed" and the Tootsie-Pop owl over 2 of the tat's he shares with his ex.

After her Grammy win Cardi is officially DONE with the hate vowing to be done with BET and DONE with IG. Her rant has been saved thanks to some internet warriors so if you missed it you can see it below. TL;DR- she's not happy.

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