Geek Tank Radio Calls an Audible on the Big Game

In this new season of Geek Tank Radio, Allan introduces us to Drop Crocs, Brodee nests in with Russian Doll, and Joe and Brandon discuss the phenomenon around the Patriots winning the Big Game whenever America is hurting.

PN&W - 020819x1

The counselors at Petty, Nitpick, & Wise help Joe through those touchy-feely Orville episodes. Won’t you let them help YOU?

Prof Gilbreath’s Ark - 020819x2

The waters? They are a-rising! Beware of Drop Crocs!

Patriot Schism - 020819x3

The Patriots tend to win whenever the nation is in turmoil. Whassupwitdat?

Binge Nesting - 020819x4

Russian Dolls and First Men will get your binge going!

Extended Clipshow - 020819x5

Brandon isn’t really all that jazzed about the latest news, but you might be…

The Struggle is Random - 020819x6

Back into the bathroom with Joe…

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