Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

#WorldPremiere Day! We get new #Jonas plus we get the “official” #PleaseMe video, brand new #DrSeuss!?! And does #ArianaGrande have a new bf?

Today's theme: NEW

Have you heard/seen the newness from the Jonas Brothers called sucker? Yup It's out! Check out the video featuring all their significant others!

Speaking of the World Premieres, Cardi and Bruno world premiered their song Please Me and TODAY released the official music video! Check it out!

Off the subject of music but still on the theme of new; Dr Seuss has a new book! No Seriously called Horse Museum and it teaches kids all about art! NEAT!

Last but not least. Ariana Grande might have some (sort of) newness in her life as she's been spotted hanging out with ex Big Sean. So we'll see how that goes...

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