Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

The latest trailer for Toy Story 4 has us a little LESS enthused plus Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour launched in a big way and everything coming to Netflix in April! Already!?

The latest Toy Story 4 trailer is out and TBH has me LESS excited to see it. IDK if it's the creep factor or what, I just don't feel that Toy Story emotion or oomf behind this one. Judge for yourself tho!

Airiana Grande's Sweetener tour is underway and fans are weighing in on the experience saying that she's got people out front registering folks to vote (A+) and before ANY song is sang by Ariana there seemed to be a tribute to Mac Miller, with his track "Dang" being the last song to play before Ariana began singing to start the show. pretty cool way to tribute IMO.

It seems a bt early but we already have what's coming to Netflix for April. Maybe they just got excited and said "Here ya go" but yeah.

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