Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Congrats to Jessica Simpson as baby no. 3 is welcomed in the world, plus get ready for Stranger Things 3 with a new trailer AND video game, and the artists congress preserving.

Let's start it out with the CONGRATS news! To Jessica Simpson! She welcomed her daughter Birdie Mae into the world today!

While we're on the subject of Congrats! The Library of Congress has added 25 recordings to its National Recording Registry that it calls "audio treasures." They include albums from Jay-Z and Cyndi Lauper, a speech by Robert F. Kennedy, a Schoolhouse Rock! boxed set and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and more!

Now on to the exciting news... Have you SEEN it yet? I'm talking about the latest (and probably last) trailer for Stranger Things Season 3!?! It's out July 4th and this latest trailer has me FEENING for some Hawkins shenanigans!

Also announced today was the buddy Stranger Things 3 video game!

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