Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

So Forrest Gump HAD a sequel in the works!? Yup. Script and everything. Tell ya more about that plus SCARY moment for Hilary Duff and her fam thanks to an intruder and Khloe's "cute" comment doesn't sit well with anyone.

Did you know... There was a Forrest Gump sequel that was ALMOST made but didn't because of 9/11? Yup. The story was set and the head writer is spilling all the details and tbh, it sounded like one hell-uva ride.

Scary moment for Hilary Duff and her BF Matthew Koma as they face down ANOTHER intruder! Thankfully this one didn't get inside because Matthew was HOME and was able to scare the would-be thief away. Police are still on the hunt for the guy. Yikes!

While Khloe Kardashian MIGHT have been referring to the lady liking her jeans the internet is having NONE of her "aw that's cute" comment after a lady said she's going to have to work an additional 20 hours to afford Khloe jeans... I'm gonna be honest I'd be pretty upset too getting an aw that's cute instead of "Hey you can do it" or "Meet ya half-way!"

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