Geek Tank Radio and The Stairway to the Unknown

In this all-new season of GTR, Allan breaks down the link between foods and personality, Andy primes you for the resurrection of Lucasfilm Games, Joe argues about tube socks in the Stranger Things 3 trailer, and Brodee climbs stairs to the unknown. All this plus the Geek Patrol take the Florida Man Birthday Challenge and Marvel at the results!

GTR vs Florida Man - 032219x1

The Geek Patrol take the Florida Man Birthday Challenge! What’s your headline?

Prof Gilbreath’s Statistical Analysis - 032219x2

Like Coffee? Dark Chocolate? Well, you just might be a psychopath!

Return to Monkey Island? - 032219x3

Brodee gets hyped for the new Stranger Things game, while Andy & Brandon breakdown the return of Lucasfilm Games

The Mouse Dominates - 032219x4

The carnage has already begun as Disney completes its acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

Welcome BACK to Hawkins - 032219x5

When last we left our preteen heroes, they’d never seen a mall....

CONspiracy Nation: Stairway to the Unknown - 032219x6

Staircases are being found in dense forests globally, and Brodee wants to climb them all!

What YOU Watchin’? - 032219x7

The Geek Patrol run down a few things to watch and avoid while streaming…

Why We Random - 032219x8

Florida Man stories explained!

Embrace Change

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