Geek Tank Radio is Feeling The Snap

In this all-new season of GTR, Andy goes Old Skool for Mortal Kombat 11, Allan gets wet on Mars, Brandon pays tribute to Detective Comics #1000, and Joe ponders life after The Snap!

The GTR Improv Challenge - 032919x1

Can Joe survive a completely unplanned show opener?

Prof Gilbreath’s Wet Red Clay - 032919x2

Martian Surface Water and what it means for Allan’s intergalactic domination.

Timeline Konvergence - 032919x3

The MK11 Old Skool vs New Skool trailer has Brandon & Andy replacing all their “Cs…”

Issues? I Got 1000 - 032919x4

Detective Comics hits #1000 as Batman celebrates his 80th anniversary

Life After The Snap - 032919x5

With Endgame less than a month away, the Geek Patrol focus on how life would change if you suddenly lose half of the population.

Flat Earth, RC Luggage, & Robots - 032919x6

The Geek Patrol keeps you informed on what rots their brains online

The Insanity Continues - 032919x7

Welcome to the Randoms

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