Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Avengers Endgame presale EXPLODES plus new Ariana Grande already!? And April Fools Day jokes that people can't handle. Here's what's up

Pre sale tickets for Avengers Endgame went on sale this morning and was met with a HUGE crowd. Most showings for Thursday are already sold out so it will undoubtedly have a MASSIVE opening weekend. Can you say you're surprised really tho?

Ready for new Ariana Grande? Yeah! For real! NEW Ariana Grande! She teamed up with Victoria Monét and it's called MONOPOLY. Give it a listen!

Here we are dealing with the effects of another April Fool's Day. Justin Bieber coming under fire for his prank which he shared a sonogram photo with the insinuation that he and Hailey Baldwin were pregnant, Y'all. I don't believe ANYONE who makes a pregnancy announcement on April 1st. c'mon. expect this sort of thing.

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