Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Some big reveals today! From the Official Lion King trailer to American Horror Story 9 details. Also Scarlett Johansson gives a very SCARY warning.

It is time.... Isn't that the line Raffiki gives? Yup! Time to get the OFFICIAL trailer for the newest Lion King live action/CGI movie!

Speaking of reveals, director Ryan Murphy gave us a little detail on what to expect in American Horror Story Season 9. It apparently will be a slasher romp and titled 1984...

Now to the IRL scary stuff... Scarlett Johansson is offering a sobering warning saying she fears of another death like Princess Diana's following a frightening after paparazzi chase Monday night. Yeah... This is NOT the first time actors have said this and TBH how bad do we REALLY need a picture or something? I know she's Black Widow and we're all SUPER excited for Endgame but c'mon...

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