Geek Tank Radio and the Longest Ticket Queue

In this all-new season of GTR, Prince Harry attacks Fortnite, Allan prepares for pet dinosaurs, Andy goes a little crazy over the Joker Trailer, Joe preps for a future Decimation, and Brandon tracks down the illusive Jeremy Veldman! All this, plus the trials to achieve Endgame Tickets!

SNAP Insurance - 040519x1

Still reeling from the decimation? If only you could’ve been prepared…

Prof Gilbreath’s Jurassic Petting Zoo - 040519x2

Soon you, too, can have a squad of attack raptors

Altered Roleplay - 040519x3

The Geek Patrol are all hyped to play Altered Carbon, but are divided about Prince Harry’s Fortnite Ban.

Whatever It Takes… To Get Tickets - 040519x4

The Geek Patrol have secured their tickets for the opening night, but some people may have to wait for AVENGERS: ENDGAME!

Smiles All Around - 040519x5

The first JOKER trailer has been released and WOW!

Boldly Going to Craft Republic - 040519x6

Shelby County Star Trek Day is upon us once again!

MAS Hysteria: Where’s Veldman? - 040519x7

After months, our good friend and resident astronomer, Jeremy Veldman, returns!

CONSpiracy Nation: Avenging the Bat - 040519x8

ENDGAME debuts the same night as the GOTHAM Series Finale. Coincidence? Or is this yet another Disney power move?

NetFIX: The Rebinging - 040519x9

The Shows that the Geek Patrol just can’t stop binging

Waiting Period - 040519x10

Brandon brings back Locked & Loaded, but can Andy conform to the format?

Rounding Up the Randoms - 040519x11

Just when you thought the show couldn’t go any longer, The Geek Patrol hit you in the random!

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