Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES

In the serious/sad news Note Dame in Paris is STILL ablaze. Got the latest on that. Plus, let's talk new music from #Madonna and Taylor Swift. Coachella had some wildness and AT&T's Game of Thrones oops

In the sad news today around 12:30 CST the news broke that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire. It wasn't just on fire. It was ENGULFED in flames. Minus the stone exterior it appears to be a total loss. See the latest below

On to the world of music. Madonna released a teaser for her new music as well as a new alter ego titled Madame X

Not to be outdone Taylor Swift sent out a cryptic tweet and countdown to what everyone is speculating as new music on the way. remember she did something similar with her last album so we shall see on April 26th!

Over the weekend Coachella happened and we have everything you might have missed

Coachella 2019 - Thumbnail Image

Coachella 2019

And speaking of over the weekend a little show started back up... maybe you heard of it... Game of Thrones? Yeah.. 0.0 spoilers but AT&T did screw up a bit by releasing the latest episode on Hulu and other streaming sites hours before it actually was set to premiere... Oooops but only kind of oops lol. I mean who's mad? really...

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